Russian National Orchestra

RNO Camerata

RNO Camerata

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Pictured, left to right: Maxim Rubtsov, Vitaly Nazarov, Svetlana Vladimirova, Alexey Khutoryansky, Svetlana Dzutseva, Artyom Kukaev, Gennady Krutikov.

The Ensemble

The RNO Camerata was founded by oboist Vitaly Nazarov in 2003, bringing together dynamic musicians of the Russian National Orchestra in an ensemble full of innovation and energy. The group was an immediate success, with audiences savoring the rich and diverse repertoire performed by these young virtuosos. The ensemble champions new music and musical experimentation, as well as traditional works written for strings and woodwinds, occasionally with piano.

In November 2004, Russia's Culture Radio broadcast a live performance of the RNO Camerata to a nationwide audience, following its first tour of Russia, which took the ensemble to Ulyanovsk, Kazan, Cheboksary and Nizhny Novgorod.

Also in 2004, the RNO Camerata debuted in Asia with performances in Singapore and Malaysia as part of the RNO Promenade, and in London, when Lady Ustinov invited the ensemble to perform at the memorial service for Sir Peter Ustinov in the Church of St. Martin's in the Fields, Trafalgar Square.

The RNO Camerata is a featured ensemble at festivals such as the annual Festival Napa Valley in California (July), Festival of the Arts BOCA in Florida (March) and the RNO Grand Festival in Moscow (September).

What does it mean to play “in camerata”? The term originated in 16th century Florence, when a group of Italian musicians and poets wanted to build new trends in music and the arts on the foundation of ancient Greek drama. They met at the home of one of their patrons. Their focus was always on entertaining honored guests. One Greek thinker they admired believed that speech should set the pattern for song, leading to an innovation we know as opera recitative. In today’s interpretation, playing “in camerata” means brilliantly combining classical and modern repertoire to delight audiences with something familiar and something new.

The Musicians

Vitaly Nazarov, oboe

Maxim Rubtsov, flute

Alexey Khutoryansky, violin

Svetlana Dzutseva, violin

Artyom Kukayev, viola

Svetlana Vladimirova, cello

Gennady Krutikov, double bass

The RNO Camerata performs in Moscow for Prince Michael of Kent's
first visit to Russia as RNO Royal Patron (page in Russian)