Russian National Orchestra

RNO Percussion Ensemble Program

Net Rosauro - «Mitos Brazilieros». Percussion quartet. Duration 14’

Bizet  - “Carmen Fantasy” for percussion duo  and piano.  Duration 7’

David Skidmore - «Ritual Music».  Percussion quartet. Duration 6’

Neboisha Zivkovich - «Trio per Uno». Percussion trio. Duration 5’

Taiki Nishihara - “Rush Out». Percussion duo. Duration 10’

Nicolas Martinciow - “La Festa per Due”. Percussion duo. Duration 5’

Dave Moore - “Cohesion”. Drum set duo.

Alexei Gerrassimec - “Asventuras”. Snare drum solo. Duration 6’


The basic list of large percussion instruments include: marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, bass drum (orchestral), 3 pair of bongos, 5 toms, conga, djembe (or any ethnic drum), 2 snare drum, 3 cymbals, bass drum with pedal.

This program as well the following list of instruments can be adjusted and changed through adding or removing any suggested pieces by host management.