Russian National Orchestra

Russian State Chorus named for Sveshnikov

Russian State Chorus named for Sveshnikov has a 70 year heritage, and is truly a legend in international choral circles. It is hard to overestimate this chorus' contribution to the preservation of Russian vocal traditions.

Created in 1936 on the basis of the All Union Radio Committee Choir (established by Alexandr Sveshnikov in 1928), the choir's formative years were under the leadership of Creative Director Nikolai Danilin, a important figure in the history of Russian choral art.

Beginning in 1941, the chorus was led by Alexander Sveshnikov. Under his leadership Russian choral music was heard throughout the world. The choir cooperated with numerous Russian composers, including Shostakovich, Shebalin, Shaporin, Kodai, Golubev, Shchedrin, Boyko, Sviridov, Markevich, Ferenchic, Rakhlin and Svetlanov. Among the choir's countless recordings, pride of place is normally given to their 1966 recording of Rachmaninov's All-Night Vigil, which received many international awards.

From 1980 to 2007, several famous conductors led the by now legendary group: People's Artist of Russia Igor Agafonnikov (1980-1987), People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Minin (1987-1990), People's Artist of Russia Yevgeny Tytyanko (1991-1995), People's Artist of Russia Igor Raevsky (1995-2007).

Since 2008, Boris Tevlin has been the choir's Artistic Director and Chief Conductor. His artistic goal is to combine classic traditions with innovation. Under Tevlin's leadership, the State Choros has participated in several international festivals, including “In Memory of Khrennikov” (Lipetsk), "April Spring" (North Korea), "Festival of Symphony Orchestras of the World" (2008, 2009), "All-Russian Festival of Choral Music in the Kremlin," and has given concerts in the Moscow Conservatory as of part the Russian Winter Festival, as well as "In Memory of Oleg Yanchenko," and "Shnittke and his Contemporaries."