Russian National Orchestra

RNO String Quintet Tours China

The RNO String Quartet recently completed a 14-day, 10-city tour through China. From January 8-21, they performed in Handan, Liaochang, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Zhuhai, Donguan, Huizhou.



Double Bassist Gennady Krutikov wrote from the road that

"Our China tour is going great! We really like the concert halls and hotels in China. Before each concert I have a choice of two double basses of normal quality. The only difficulty for us is the daily travel by train with our heavy luggage. The women have to get special Chinese hand massages to relax their muscles."

He also reported that the audiences loved their Tchaikovsky-centered programs. And one enamored fan even sent them this email:

“Hello, Mr. Krutikov! I was in the audience of the string quintet concert at Strait Art Culture Center in Fuzhou, Fujian. I was deeply impressed by your team's amazing performance, BRAVO! The Neapolitan Song and Barcarolle were especially GREAT! For me, it's inspiring to compare the quintet version and the piano version of Tchaikovsky's works... By the way, I love the illustrations you selected for each piece of music... Thank you for reading this looooooog message! Have a nice tour in China and Happy New Year (in Lunar Calendar)!”

Below are a few images from the successful tour.