1999 Hollywood Bowl Residency


Los Angeles Times

The Russian National Orchestra played [Prokofiev's Symphony No. 5] with appropriate splendor and breadth. Blazingly impassioned but controlled playing informed by pungent and telling balances made this an exceptional experience.

Los Angeles Times

The orchestra's many resources include an accomplished, virtuosic string choir, strong winds and a deep sense of ensemble. The high point of the evening came in an outpouring of lush tone and emotional openness achieved in the Tchaikovsky [Suite No. 3]. Here, the playing seemed to grow more beautiful as the work progressed, the pleasure culminating in the many-faceted burnished glories of the theme-and-variations finale.

Orange County Register

You marvel at the [RNO's] unruffled style and grace. You are amazed by the delicate balance...In the case of these players, the 'Elegie' [from the Tchaikovsky Suite No. 3] became blissfully bittersweet, the 'Valse melancholique' deliciously refined, the Scherzo a vivacious chatterbox. You didn't want them to end.

What They’re Saying

"[The] American-Russian Festival Orchestra, featuring distinguished players from the Russian National Orchestra and a number of prominent American orchestras...[conveys] a vital message to our participants and observers, that by working together we can share our musical and historical cultures and increase our understanding of one another."

Athena T. Blackburn

Founding board member, Festival Napa Valley