RNO Wind Quintet Performances


Moskovskaya Pravda

In the finale of Mozart's Concertante, the RNO Wind Quintet played with such perfection and emotional freedom, passing to each other themes with such impeccable technique, grace and even coquetry, one could only be proud that this level of talent is still in Russia.

Mid Ocean News (Bermuda)

... [Andrei Rubtsov's] Sadness was appropriately bleak and drier than the driest martini, but also thought provoking ... Frivolity was an attractive mood-lifter whose passages were greatly enhanced by Conchinta Ming's inspired choreography and the expressive dancing of Sophia Cannonier and Angelia Hubbard.

"... The Wind Quintet's own spin on Johann Strauss' much-loved Tales from the Vienna Woods, Op. 325 again highlighted the freshness superbly trained young musicians bring to ensemble playing, of which these young men were fine examples.

"The short encore was brilliantly performed by the Quintet, giving sweet foretaste of their second, all-music programme ...

The Royal Gazette

When a musical program fills a theater with families, it is a reminder of a time when this sort of entertainment was extremely popular - and also that younger people, in growing numbers, once again appreciate a performance of a high caliber.

"Such a reminder was delivered by the Russian National Orchestra Wind Quintet's Bermuda Festival performance at City Hall Theater last night.

"... Both the narrator and the quintet interpreted this dramatic and deeply textured piece [Peter and the Wolf] with a lighter touch than is traditional. It was a welcome change, and ... a bold but perhaps not unexpected interpretation.

"[For Johann Strauss' Tales from the Vienna Woods, Op. 325] The quintet imposed its own puckish dynamics and enhanced the rhythm quite liberally, to the delight of the audience.

Music & Time, Moscow

The [Quintet's] sound is rational and inspired, light and solid, transparent and air-filled all at once - such sound is not easy to come by! This Quintet's tremendous teamwork amazes and captivates.

San Marino Tribune

The RNO Wind Quintet is an ensemble of youthful and versatile musicians... acclaimed for their innovation and virtuosity.

Russian Life magazine

...a first-class chamber ensemble. Both the RNO Wind Quintet's playing and imaginative choice of repertoire should prove a delight to those lucky enough to hear it..."

What They’re Saying

"Everything is exquisitely played by the Russian National Orchestra, whose refinement has opened a new chapter in Russian orchestral playing."