Fyodor Paramonov

Performances with the RNO

February 2017

In Russia

23 Thu

Svetlanov's Hall, Moscow House of Music




Opera "Madame Butterfly"

Vladimir Ponkin

Guest Artists:

Amalia Gogeshvili, Soprano

Thiago Arancam, Tenor

Natalia Yevstafieva, Mezzo-soprano

Victoria Karkacheva, Mezzo-soprano

Evgeny Polikanin, Baritone

Oleg Balashov, Tenor

Alexander Polkovnikov, Baritone

Felix Kudryavtsev, Bass

Sergei Krylov, Violin

Fyodor Paramonov

2016-2017 Season

What They’re Saying

"In a modern classical world, rife with reports of under-funded and dying ensembles, curtailed schedules and shrinking audiences, the foundation and continued growth of [the Russian National Orchestra] seems not only miraculous; it just may be the most important cultural story of our time."

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