Pavel Gerstein

Performances with the RNO

October 2016

In Russia

25 Tue

Tchaikovsky Concert Hall





Music by Isaak Shvarts

With special guests from film and stage. Produced by Mila Schwartz.


Pavel Gerstein

Guest Artists:

Roman Shulakov, Tenor

Maya Barkovskaya, Soprano

Lidiya Svetozarova, Soprano

Dmitry Yankovsky, Baritone

Polina Chirkina, Vocals

Daniil Kharitonov, Piano

2016-2017 Season

What They’re Saying

"In a modern classical world, rife with reports of under-funded and dying ensembles, curtailed schedules and shrinking audiences, the foundation and continued growth of [the Russian National Orchestra] seems not only miraculous; it just may be the most important cultural story of our time."

International Piano