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Rimsky-Korsakov: Orchestral Suites
Suite from “Snow Maiden”
Suite from “Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevroniya”
Nuit sur le Mont Triglav (3rd Act of the Ballet Opera “Mlada”)
Mikhail Pletnev, conductor

PTC 5186 362 (2010)

Acclaim for Rimsky-Korsakov: Orchestral Suites

Orchestral magic in suites and selections from Rimsky's operas
"Pletnev and his virtuoso orchestra make a charming sound picture of the Dance of the Birds, woodwind all a-twitter, and leap with plenty of vigour into the single most popular item, the Dance of the Clowns, or Skomorokhi... The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh... is evocatively played and given a suitably spacious recording."

Gramophone (August 2010)

"Rimsky Korsakov's gorgeous orchestral colours, here richly played and caught with a vividness arresting even for SACD. Night on Mount Triglav, with its weirdly atmospheric orchestration, is given immense scale by Pletnev."

BBC Music Magazine (July 2010)

"Pletnev delivers these selections with elegance and refinement… providing a lesson in orchestral balance by fully respecting Rimsky-Korsakov's spatial effects. This is an essential rediscovery of this monument of Russian music."

Diapason (France) (June 2010)

"Mikhail Pletnev and his thoroughbred Russian National Orchestra offer three superb Rimsky suites in what can be considered definitive accounts... The audio quality quality is demonstration quality and it is a special treat to be able to use the surround sound option to be immersed in the sensuality and boldness of Rimsky's orchestration. Pletnev exploits every nuance of these confections and makes us realize afresh what a unique gifted tune-smith this composer was."

The Music Scene (June 2010)

"This superb Pentatone recording, sonically three-dimensional and with plenty of dynamic headroom, couldn't fit this music any better. From the loudest percussion thumps to the softest pings on the triangle, every subtle orchestral nuance and color is reproduced with sharp focus. And of course, pianist turned conductor Mikhail Pletnev and the Russian National Orchestra eat music like this for breakfast. It's in their blood. The story that unfolds within the music is their story. No wonder they perform this material so well."

Classical Music Sentinel (May 2010) [more]

This recording is quite simply jubilatory
"Hats off to Pentatone for once again allowing music lovers to hear works that are under-frequented in the world of sound recording.... Mikhail Pletnev grabs us by his constant commitment. The ardor he gives to these pages is astounding and communicative. The shimmering colors of the Russian composer's music sparkle like a thousand fires, and the listener's pleasure is total. The sound recording, with a touch of reverb that reproduces the instruments' tones as if you were there, adds a little something extra in presence that is fascinating. In short, there is no denying: this recording is quite simply jubilatory."

Opus HD (April 2010) [more]

Multichannel Disc of the Month
"An impressive showcase of some of the lesser-known examples of the symphonic orchestration skills of one of its masters. Rimsky-Korsakov was one of the most influential composers of both opera and instrumental music in the history of Russian music. These two four-movement suites and the five selections from his ballet opera Mlada are performed with gusto by Russian players totally imbued with the spirit of the works and recorded in the highest-quality hi-res surround."

Audiophile Audition (April 2010)

"The pieces here are brimming with glorious music, quite as diverting as the composer's better known pieces, and if more prompting were needed for the hesitant buyer, the astonishingly detailed surround sound is the icing on the cake - the bass response in particular, has a concert hall veracity."

North London News (March 2010) [more]

""Snow Maiden"... [is] quite colorful, evocative, and entertaining, especially under Pletnev's elegant direction.... "Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh"... is quite charming, and Pletnev forges into the third-movement battle scene with relish, concluding the work with a richly embroidered "Funeral" sequence. Finally, saving the best for last, Pletnev gives us... "Night on Mount Triglav"... This suite has an almost Wagnerian scope to it, which Maestro Pletnev is quick to exploit.... The recording...comes up nicely detailed and with a reasonably good depth of field... another fine recording from Pletnev and his players."

Classical Candor (March 2010) [more]

An outstanding release!
"Mikhail Pletnev and his superb Russian National Orchestra offer a feast of orchestral music of Rimsky-Korsakov... These recordings were made in the MCO Hilversum studios in January 2009, and Job Maarse and his staff have been highly successful in capturing the rich orchestral textures. An outstanding release!"

Classical CD Review (March 2010) [more]

"What's not to like? The music is gorgeously tuneful and atmospheric, the orchestration amazing, the playing excellent, the sonics vibrant. Pletnev's crisp briskness works quite well in music that thrives on rhythmic precision, elegance, and immaculate phrasing. His Dance of the Tumblers has just the right combination of energy and accuracy... An irresistible disc, then, that would grace any collection."

Classics Today (February 2010) [more]

"Pletnev and the orchestra give a stunning performance... The Polyhymnia engineers have captured all the kaleidoscopic colours of Rimsky-Korsakov's rich orchestral palette in state-of-the-art sound that will delight all audiophiles, and it is to be hoped that Pletnev's vibrant and sympathetic performances will bring this captivating and often resplendent music to a much wider audience." (February 2010) [more]

What They’re Saying

"[The] American-Russian Festival Orchestra, featuring distinguished players from the Russian National Orchestra and a number of prominent American orchestras...[conveys] a vital message to our participants and observers, that by working together we can share our musical and historical cultures and increase our understanding of one another."

Athena T. Blackburn

Founding board member, Festival Napa Valley