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Acclaim for 2013 US Tour

Russian National Orchestra heats up Kravis with stunning performance

"The concert opened with Tchaikovsky’s Capriccio italien. From the opening bugle call to the rousing finish, this piece was outstanding in every respect. The orchestra has a wide dynamic range — the pianissimo passages are barely audible and contrast dramatically with the full-throated fortes... The rhythms of this work are so infectious that, at one point, the conductor actually appeared to be dancing.... [Prokofiev's Symphony No. 5] was a thrilling and moving performance, and it was greeted by cheers and a standing ovation. The Russian National Orchestra is an orchestra of virtuosos. It is always welcome at the Kravis Center."

Palm Beach Daily News (March 2013) [more]

West Palm Beach, FL

Russian National Orchestra Impresses

"The house was packed and enthusiastic... Sounds, particularly from the wind soloists and the concertmaster, were wildly intense and penetrating. The timpanist seemed to be channeling Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Yet Petrenko kept things in balance, even through one of the fastest finales this reviewer has ever experienced. It was thrilling.... Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances... was a real tour-de-force, a vehicle for a virtuoso orchestra and a conductor who knows how to bring out the best from his players."

Palm Beach Daily News (March 2013)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Concert by top Russian orchestra

"This ensemble is not only one of Russia’s best but holds its own with top-tier European and American orchestras... The lustrous, dark-hued playing of the Moscow-based orchestra conveys a unique sonority. Bereft of the reedy wind sound and coarse brass of Soviet era orchestras, this ensemble does not have a weak link. Superb first-chair players took the spotlight in the opening Capriccio Espagnol by Rimsky-Korsakov. Concertmaster Alexey Bruni excelled in his featured solo role, exhibiting the kind of sweet, thick vibrato characteristic of past generations of Russian violinists. The beautiful, warm tone of the English horn solos and liquid sonority of the strings were particular delights... In Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances, Petrenko [propelled] the performance with power and inexorable drive. Instrumental textures were finely shaded, highlighting a panorama of musical detail often obscured in more generalized readings. There was real Russian soul in the haunting saxophone solo and the entire opening movement was shaped organically."

South Florida Classical Review (February 2013) [more]

San Francisco, CA

"Under Guerrero’s direction the RNO allowed the music to speak its piece with expressive qualities that neither overplayed nor underplayed the content... The responsiveness of the RNO musicians made it clear that Guerrero was in control, allowing the dramatism of [Tchaikovsky's Fourth] symphony to be appreciated for its multidimensional qualities, rather than its bombast. This symphony concluded the program with the most positive energy imaginable."

San Francisco Examiner (February 2013) [more]

San Jose, CA

"Guerrero drew a big vital sound from the orchestra, with deep rosy hues from the strings: the sounds of good health... Dvorak's Symphony No. 6... pulsed with color and more of that healthy outdoorsy-ness through its opening Allegro. The Adagio captured the solace of Beethoven, Dvorak's inspiration here, as Guerrero painted with horns and cellos, violas and flutes. It was lush and lovely... The encore, Glinka's "Ruslan and Ludmila" Overture... was a bundle of energy, transmitted with precision and with lavish melody. "

San Jose Mercury News (February 2013) [more]

What They’re Saying

"The Russian National Orchestra... has become a living symbol of the best in Russian art."

The Miami Herald