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Acclaim for 2013 Summer Europe Tour

2013 Edinburgh Festival

"The RNO’s performance had finesse, élan, colour and, yes, pride... The Glazunov was pure, unadulterated bliss – a make-believe paradise of devil-may-care waltzes, swirling cross-currents of sound, snowflakes in music, the occasional glimpse of melancholy, but above all tunes, tunes, tunes, ravishingly orchestrated and lovingly despatched. Pletnev’s tight rhythmic control kept the performance à point, and the RNO’s dark timbres and euphonious brass did the rest."

Financial Times (August 2013) [more]

"The Edinburgh international festival sets off thought-provoking resonances. The Russian National Orchestra under its founding conductor, Mikhail Pletnev, delivered a seismic performance of Alexander Glazunov's The Seasons that culminated in an Autumn so musically boisterous it nearly blew the audience from their seats. "

The Guardian (August 2013) [more]

"This [Glazunov] was a most delightful piece masterfully performed under the authoritative baton of Pletnev, whose marvellous sense of musical structure, instinct for the right tempo and ear for orchestral balance and colour ensured the combined talent of members of the Russian Nation Orchestra gave tonight's audience an evening of music not to be missed."

Edinburgh Guide (August 2013) [more]

"[The RNO's] technique is impeccable and extremely impressive: they create a particularly dark, chocolaty sound that has the ability to capture the listener in its extraordinary sweep. The unison string sound at the opening of Rachmaninov’s second piano concerto, for example, was like a tidal wave sweeping off the stage... Pletnev directed... [the Glazunov] with remarkable subtlety, but was happy to let rip during the famous Bacchanale in the Autumn scene, and the orchestra responded in kind. This was a real orchestral treat, and the packed hall gave it the ovation it deserved."

Seen and Heard International (August 2013) [more]

"Usher Hall was duly packed to the rafters to witness Nikolai Lugansky's steely mastery of [Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2] alongside the muscle powered sound of the Russian strings. Pletnev...seemed to cherish the music he held in his hands.... Glazunov's The Seasons was pure balletic entertainment... With a display of forces unlikely ever to fit into a theatre pit, the RNO and Pletnev, conducting from memory, sparkled their way through the colourful waltzes and pointe work."

The Herald Scotland (August 2013) [more]

"Glazunov's... delicate musical scenery packed with glistening colours and joyous levity, and those ripe and succulent timbres you tend only genuinely to experience from Russian orchestras. [The RNO's] swaying warmth gave characterful realisation to Glazunov’s Winter imagery, the Tchaikovskian lightness of Spring, Summer’s sunny dances, and the sumptuous exuberance of Autumn’s Bacchanal."

Edinburgh Festival Guide (August 2013) [more]

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"Classical music [has the] singular power to transform, unite and liberate. There is perhaps no orchestra in the world that personifies those ideals like the RNO."

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