Glazunov: Complete Concertos

Violin Concerto in A minor, op.82
Chant du ménestrel, op.71
Piano Concerto No.2 in B major, op.100
Concerto in E flat major for alto saxophone and string orchestra, op.109
Piano Concerto No.1 in F minor, op.92
Rêverie in D flat major for horn and orchestra, op.24
Concerto Ballata in C major for cello and orchestra, op.108
Méditation in D major for violin and orchestra, op.32
Soloists: Rachel Barton Pine, Alexander Romanovsky, Wen-Sinn Yang, Marc Chisson, Alexey Serov
Conductor: José Serebrier
2564-67946-5 (2CD)
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BBC Music Magazine

On conductor Jose Serebrier’s fine box set of the complete Symphonies and Concertos on Warner Classics is a three-minute gem, the Reverie for Horn and Orchestra. It’s very simply constructed, but features delicious harmonies and string textures. Sublime!


This set goes straight to the top of the recommended versions of the symphonies and concertos. It has no direct competition.... The life-enhancing poetic spirit which suffuses and courses through these works is remarkable. It combines consistently inspired interpretative insights, Imperial Russian style and superb audio-technology. I cannot imagine these recordings being surpassed by any conductor or orchestra, so strong and sympathetic are they.

Classical Source

With excellent and natural sound [and] an illuminating booklet note from José Serebrier...this is a release of generous and imaginative music, one to treasure.


There’s tremendous beauty here; and it comes across especially vividly in this stellar pendant to José Serebrier’s revelatory Glazunov symphony cycle... you can put the laser down on virtually any measure at random, and within a few moments you’ll be hypnotized... The sound is excellent, and the orchestra responsive.

Colorado Public Radio

...a pageantry of beautiful showpieces for violin, saxophone, cello and two for piano... You can hear Glazunov's lyrical gift threaded throughout...


The collection starts with the Violin Concerto, beautifully played by Rachel Barton Pine, with the Russian National Orchestra playing with fine clarity and attack... Well recorded in clean, transparent sound.


Together with Jose Serebrier and the Russian National Orchestra [Rachel Barton Pine] gives a rendition of the Glazunov Violin Concerto that is both ravishing and nimble, navigating every fluctuation in tempo and mood.


... it leaves me no wonder why the RNO is a world class ensemble. The strings are rich in tone and body and the woodwinds have its Slavic, characterful fervor... The brass is ideally imposing and deep sounding (particularly in the Concerto Ballata) and the percussion department is simply excellent and alert. But what I find entrancing is how modishly sounding the RNO is, as though its players are allowed their own personalities to shine through and dictate the sound. In other words, it's the blend of the orchestra that is wonderful, essentially because it does not have a corporate feel to it.

BBC Radio 3

Serebrier is passionately fond of Glazunov and this shines through... The playing is first-rate. These are essential works.

Audiophile Audition

Serebier continues to showcase his affinity for the music of Glazunov… The Violin Concerto opens the set, calling upon the spectacular artistry of Rachel Barton Pine… [Glazunov's] 1890 D-flat Major concert piece for French horn - aptly nuanced by Alexey Serov - floats majestically… The C Major Concerto Ballata… offers the cello soloist - Wen-Sinn Yang - many opportunities for virtuoso display and the sailing of a lofty tone.

BBC Music Magazine

There's little doubt that both Serebrier and his soloists, supported by warmly idiomatic playing from the Russian National Orchestra and a beautifully clear recording, make a highly persuasive case for the reappraisal of these works. I was particularly taken with the wonderfully sweet and sensitively nuanced playing of violinist Rachel Barton-Pine, the nobility and warmth of Wen-Sinn Yang's cello and above all the extraordinarily rich sound from pianist Alexander Romanovsky.

MusicWeb International

This goes straight to the top of the recommended versions of the concertos. I cannot imagine it being surpassed, so strong and sympathetic are these performances and recordings.

The Telegraph

This set is a godsend. Glazunov’s Violin Concerto maintains its hold on the repertoire, but how many times do we hear the two piano concertos or the one for saxophone, let alone the Concerto Ballata for cello or the miniatures he wrote for violin, cello and horn? José Serebrier’s recordings of Glazunov’s eight completed symphonies, plus the torso of a projected ninth, have established a valuable core of music in the catalogue, but this two-disc album of the concertos with the Russian National Orchestra is far more than merely an appendage.

What They’re Saying

"[The] American-Russian Festival Orchestra, featuring distinguished players from the Russian National Orchestra and a number of prominent American orchestras...[conveys] a vital message to our participants and observers, that by working together we can share our musical and historical cultures and increase our understanding of one another."

Athena T. Blackburn

Founding board member, Festival Napa Valley