Peter and the Wolf

Composer: Sergei Prokofiev
Narrated by Sophia Loren
Length: 25 mins

Part of the Wolf Tracks Project

Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) had a lifelong attraction to children's stories. By far the best known of all his music inspired by children's literature is Peter and the Wolf. Prokofiev was asked to write a piece that would introduce young audiences to the workings of an orchestra and its instruments. Peter and the Wolf showcases the composer's superb ability to bring a simple story to life, giving each character a recognizable motive and instrumental color. 

The story is about the young boy Peter who, together with his friend the bird, manages to catch a hungry wolf who has come to his garden, looking for food and chasing all the animals, including a duck whom he manages to swallow. After the wolf has been caught with a lasso, hunters arrive, intending to shoot him. Instead, Peter proposes to bring him to the zoo, and the hunters, Peter, his grandfather, and the animals form a procession to deliver the wolf.

PTC 5186259
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Sergey Markov, RNO Executive Producer, Peter and the Wolf and Wolf Tracks

"Great art belongs to the world, and the RNO conceived this charity recording as a truly international endeavor. The RNO’s vision was brought to life with its brilliant artistic and recording partners, and the stellar team at Pentatone. The stories and soundscapes created by Prokofiev and Beintus inspire all ages and demonstrate the immense power of music to uplift the human spirit, always and everywhere."

Kent Nagano, Artistic Director, RNO Peter and the Wolf and Wolf Tracks

“The recording is stellar, the narrators engaging, the message one of hope and harmony." So read one of the reviews when our charity recording of Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf and Beintus Wolf Tracks was released in 2003. We assembled a dream team: two world leaders (Clinton and Gorbachev), a screen legend (Sophia Loren), and the magnificent Russian National Orchestra, with whom I have enjoyed a long and rewarding association. All gave their talent, and their heart, to a work of art that is at once timeless and in the moment. Our desire for harmony, and our hopes for our children, has never been more heartfelt and urgent than it is now.

What They’re Saying

"Classical music [has the] singular power to transform, unite and liberate. There is perhaps no orchestra in the world that personifies those ideals like the RNO."

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