Tchaikovsky: Symphonic Poems / Manfred Symphony

1. Romeo and Juliet Overture
2. Francesca da Rimini, Op. 32
3. The voyevoda, Op. 78
4. The tempest, Op. 18

1. Marche slave, Op. 31
2. Festival Overture on the Danish National Hymn, Op. 15
3. Fatum, Op. 77
4. Hamlet Overture, Op. 67
5. Capriccio italien, Op. 45

1. Hamlet Overture, Op. 67
2. Manfred Symphony in B minor, Op. 58
3. Manfred Symphony in B minor, Op. 58
4. Manfred Symphony in B minor, Op. 58
5. Manfred Symphony in B minor, Op. 58
6. 1812 Overture, Op. 49


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There are few musicians I'd choose to hear conducting this music more than Pletnev: he keeps it on a tight rein with maximum intensity and a real sense of electricity crackling below the surface; and that's not to say he doesn't reach into the emotional heart of the music. The Manfred is wonderful but then so is Pletnev's gloriously fresh way with [the 1812 Overture], Romeo and Juliet, Marche slave, Francesca da Rimini and the Capriccio italien... The playing of the Russian National Orchestra is thrilling.

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"[The] American-Russian Festival Orchestra, featuring distinguished players from the Russian National Orchestra and a number of prominent American orchestras...[conveys] a vital message to our participants and observers, that by working together we can share our musical and historical cultures and increase our understanding of one another."

Athena T. Blackburn

Founding board member, Festival Napa Valley