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"Loren does a beautiful job narrating the classic Peter; her alluring voice and luscious accent instantly making this one of my favorite editions."


"The two stories brilliantly complement each other, and yet both narratives stand on their own...Like Prokofiev, Beintus crafts music with enough complexity to pull a child in, but not so much that he or she can't find a place in its own richly hued landscape, a place so real they can smell woodland breezes, hear paws in tender grasses. Both, as rendered by this always superb orchestra, guarantee imagination-ignition in any kid's brain within ten bars."



"Wolf Tracks was an unexpected delight. [The] score is a beautiful series of melodies that support the text perfectly. The text [is] woven into the story in such a touching manner that I literally had a lump in my throat at the end... This disk will stand repeated plays for years to come."



"Nothing here is cute, condescending or silly; there is not a trace of the hyperbolic, manufactured emotion so common to most audio/video productions for children now, only respect and the natural parity of storytellers and listeners having a good time."



"These two musical stories come alive in familiar voices particularly relevant to a new century. The storytellers here - one relaxed and convivial, the other elegant and beguiling - lend a special intimacy that transcends age and nationality. Apparent immediately is that both understand how to talk to children, with warmth and candor."


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"Classical music [has the] singular power to transform, unite and liberate. There is perhaps no orchestra in the world that personifies those ideals like the RNO."

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