Wolf Tracks: Fact Sheet

Russian National Orchestra
Peter and the Wolf / Wolf Tracks Recording

WHAT Recording of Peter and the Wolf and Wolf Tracks, a new piece by French composer Jean-Pascal Beintus. Project conceived by the RNO and developed under the artistic direction of Kent Nagano.

Wolf Tracks is a modern tale that converts the image of the wolf from a fearsome creature to one that represents the imperative to cherish and protect natural resources. Project is part of the RNO's ongoing program to commission, perform and record new music. The work has been recorded in English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.
WHO Narrators English Edition (2003)
Bill Clinton — Wolf Tracks
Sophia Loren — Peter and the Wolf
Mikhail Gorbachev — Introduction, Intermezzo and Epilogue, in Russian

Russian Edition (2005)
Mikhail Gorbachev — Introduction, Intermezzo and Epilogue
Oleg Tabakov — Peter and the Wolf
Sergei Bezrukov — Wolf Tracks
Sophia Loren — Peter and the Wolf (Bonus Track, in English)

Spanish Edition (2007)
Antonio Banderas — Wolf Tracks and Peter and the Wolf
Sophia Loren — Peter and the Wolf (Bonus Track, in English)

Chinese Edition (2007)
Pu Cunxin — Wolf Tracks
Xiao Lu — Peter and the Wolf
  Ensemble Russian National Orchestra
  Conductor Kent Nagano
  Composers Jean-Pascal Beintus - Wolf Tracks
Serge Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf
  Writer Walt Kraemer - Wolf Tracks text
  Label PentaTone Classics (Holland)
WHEN English CD Release Date (US): September 23, 2003
After its August 2002 world premiere at San Francisco's Stern Grove Festival, Wolf Tracks was recorded by the RNO, along with Peter and the Wolf. Bill Clinton and Sophia Loren recorded their narration in December 2002 (Geneva) and Mikhail Gorbachev recorded his remarks in February 2003 (Moscow).


Proceeds from CD sales will be shared with the New York based Wolf Conservation Center. Each of the narrators has also designated a charity to receive their royalties:



The art for the CD's cover and booklet is by Russian children who participate in the RNO's Magic of Music program. They are residents of Moscow orphanages and special facilities for the disabled and their art, like music, is testament to the magic of creative self-expression.

What They’re Saying

"Everything is exquisitely played by the Russian National Orchestra, whose refinement has opened a new chapter in Russian orchestral playing."